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We have made revisions to our Terms & Conditions, effective May 25th, 2018.

Any customer using https://takeout.ee/, https://menukitt.ee/https://menukitt.com/ or any subdomains directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with TAKEOUT OÜ or TAKEOUT GROUP A/S (From hereon ''TAKEOUT'') is agreeing to these terms.

1. Who may use the services

You may use the Services only if you have created a user and thereby agree to form a binding contract with TAKEOUT. If you are accepting these Terms & Conditions and using the Services on behalf of a company, organization, government, or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so.

2. Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy (https://takeout.ee/privacy) describes how we handle the information you provide to us when you use our services. You understand that through your use of the services you consent to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) of this information, including the transfer of this information to the United States, Lithuania, and/or other countries for storage, processing and use by TAKEOUT as well as any sub data processors working in collaboration of TAKEOUT. 

3. Ending your account

You will always have access to your account where you can access, review or update any of your personal information. If you wish to end your account, agreement and contract with TAKEOUT at any time by deactivating your account and discontinuing your use of the Services, we ask that you contact us via the details found on our website. 

4. Orderingprocess and delivery

Your order

When you have selected the appropriate products and wish to complete your order from the chosen restaurant. Submit your order by clicking "place order", please make sure the information given is correct. As soon as the order have been submitted, the restaurant are working on your order and changes will not be possible.

Changing or cancelling your order

When the order has been submittet and payment have been approved it is no longer possible to change or cancel your order. If you still wish to cancel or change the order, it is possible to contact customer service who will then contact the restaurant to see if it is possible to change the order. Although it is nowhere certain we are able to fulfill the cancellation since the restaurant may already have started working on your order. 

Approving of payment method

Should payment not be approved, then the order will not be processed or sent to the restaurant.

Managing your order and order rejected by the restaurant 

When receiving your order, we will process it by sending it to the restaurant, and will confirm by email wether or not the order will be processed or rejected by the restaurant. 

Please note, the confirmation-page on the website and the confirming email receiving when placing the order is only to confirm the order have been paid for. Although we urge all our restaurants to confirm all orders as soon as possible, and notify at once if any order will not be accepted - if an order have not been accepted we will contact you right away (usually by email). One of the reasons could be if the restaurant are too busy in handling the order due to wheather conditions.

Delivering your order

The estimated delivery and pickup times, added by the restaurant are not guarenteed by Takeout. 

You can not cancel your order by the Consumer Contracts Act when placing the order. The order when confirmed on the website, will go into production and will be regarded as in progress. 

5. Customer service


Customer service is very important for Takeout. Our customer service team will, to the best of their ability try and help any problems that might occur with your order. It is possible to contact customer service, by clicking "contact us by email", "FAQ" or calling our phonenumber on the frontpage.

Questions to your order

If there is any delay in your order, or prcessing it takes more time than usual or if you experience any problems with your order please do not hesitate to contact our customer service as described above. We will then contact the restaurant to sort out the problem, the best possible way.

Complaints and feedback

If you ever experience that the quality of the product or service, does not live up to your standard you are able to post your feedback on the restaurant order page. Reviewing a restaurant good or bad is an important part of our quality control.


If you experience a lower quality in the product or the service being offered from a restaurant and would like a compensation, should you contact the restaurant directly in order to register your complaint. If you are unable to contact the restaurant or the restaurant refuses your complaint, then do contact Takeout customer service within 48 hours of submitting the Takeout order. One of our customer service agents will then attempt to contact the restaurant in order to come to a solution. Please note, we do not control the product or the service offered by the restaurants and cannot be held accountable for any compensation on behalf of the restaurants. 

Takeout customer service can always be contacted on klienditeenindus@Takeout.ee or phone number  (+372) 54 54 79 79.

6. Payment

All prices are in EUR and including estonian VAT. Online payment is via  Braintree Payment gateway when using creditcard. You are able to pay using any bankcard, including VISA, MasterCard, Eurocard etc. If Takeout are delivering (and not the restaurant itself), the ONLY payment methods accepted are using company credit or creditcard, the drivers cannot accept handling cash.

7. Abuse

By using the above payment methods, TAKEOUT wants to make the payment process easy and straight forward. By suspected abuse of credit cards or other payment methods, TAKEOUT reserves the right to not process the order without a warning. Takeout also reserves the right to breach the right to anonymity, if any order being accepted is without a valid recipient. 

8. Order storage

The order will be stored on the Takeout secure servers. If you would like to have the order sent by email, please contact our customer service on klienditeenindus@Takeout.ee - remember to note the order-number, name of the restaurant and ordering date.

9. Personal data

TAKEOUT is responsible for gathering and handling data. You can learn more about how your personal information are being stored by clicking on Privacy Policy.

10. Language

Contracts can be made in estonian and english according to the estonian e-business regulations.

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